A Living Wreath for Valentines

Heart Shaped Wreath


I am not in the habit of buying myself a Valentines's present but when I spotted Rose & Rhubarb were running a luxury online workshop this February to make a living heart shaped wreath, I immediately bought myself a ticket.

I love making wreaths for our cottage door but this is the first time I've ever made a Valentine's wreath and it was so much harder than I imagined.  My Christmas wreaths tend to get a bit wild and bonkers which is easy to maintain on a circle but when you have a delicate heart shape to maintain it is super difficult.  I found myself getting stage fright unable to place the first lot of flowers on because I was so scared of getting it wrong.  

The package from Rose & Rhubarb was beautiful in itself - beautifully presented with a lovely twine heart as the base, and the most exquisite choice of blooms to use, including spray roses and my absolute favourites pepper berries.  And it was a blissful two hours on a Friday evening just focusing on flowers and colours and being creative.  I absolutely loved it and felt exhausted afterwards in a really good way.  Not only does the wreath look lovely but it smells divine and we've had so many compliments on it.  BUT the thing I love best is that as a living wreath I am now going to bring it in and let it dry out naturally and I should be able to keep it forever - isn't that lovely?!