A Valentine's Day Door Wreath

A Valentines Day door wreath kit



So there I was the Friday evening before Valentine’s, stood in my kitchen, soaking moss in a giant bucket.  It’s not how my Friday nights used to go but I have to admit I was in my complete element.

I enjoyed Rose & Rhubarb’s online Valentines wreath workshop so much last year, I immediately signed up again this year as soon as I knew it was happening.  Just receiving the kit was an absolute treat with the heavenly smell of all the flowers as I opened the box full of broom and tulips.

Have you ever tried to make a heart shaped wreath for your door?  This was my second attempt and let me tell you, it is so much harder than you think it would be.  But oh, it was only as I was stood in my kitchen on the Friday evening, participating via zoom that I remembered just how hard it is.  I’ve been creating round door wreaths for our front door for a while now so I get the gist - and whilst mine do tend to get bigger and more bonkers each time I do it, they are still essentially round so you know it’s a wreath.

A heart shaped wreath covered in moss

Using a heart shaped base is super hard.  If you lose the shape at either the top or the bottom, you can’t see it’s a heart anymore, its just an odd-shaped wreath.  The concentration is just immense.   It’s also a much smaller base  - where as the super talented Beckah at Rose & Rhubarb can make hers look big but still heart-shaped, mine always looks so small because I am petrified of losing the shape.

I do love creating wreaths for my front door though.  It’s essentially a WIN WIN for me.  I get to have fun making it which I always find so therapeutic but also it’s gorgeous to have something lovely and cheery on your front door, especially at this time of year.  Now that we have moved and until we change it, we don’t have the world’s prettiest front door so the option to distract with an array of fragrant flowers is most welcome for me.

A Valentine's Day door wreath kit from Rose & Rhubarb Flowers


Sadly Storm Eunice did for my Valentine’s wreath so it didn’t last that long, whereas last year’s lasted for months and months.  But i still have the base and know I’ll want to make another one next year.  My one learning from the past two years is that I don’t put on enough moss as I panic about losing the shape but i need to be bolder and bigger.  I already can’t wait to do another one!