All Change

Spending so much time in our homes at the moment forces us to think about how we live and use the rooms and how they make us feel.  I love our cottage, always have since the first moment I stepped over the threshold and our living room is one of my favourite rooms.  It has a great sense of peace and calm to it that everyone comments on when they come in - even with two small children and a puppy!  

Recently we decided to have a change around of the furniture.  Just to mix it up and make the house feel fresh and different.  When Mr Rhubarb suggested it I jumped at the idea.  I suddenly remembered it was something my mother, an interior designer, used to do alot, when she wanted distraction and to breathe new life into a room and how she was looking at it.

We have basically swapped over one sofa with this Parker Knowle sofa inherited from my husband's family and the armchair.  It's not a permanent move as I do think the sofa works best against this back wall, but it is nice to have a change.  And now that I am sat in my usual spot but on the other side of the room, I am noticing lots of different things about the room and our belongings which I really love.

Is there one room in your house that would benefit from a new perspective?