All the leaves are brown . .

An apple diorama at Audley End House & Gardens

Autumn has always been one of my favourite seasons.  There is something so delicious about kicking through piles of leaves, under blue skies but with a chill in the air.  Every coat pocket is full to bursting with conkers which the littles are endlessly picking and the hedgerows around the village are full of blackberries and sloes.  There's also that delicious scent in the air as everyone in our village lights their log fires again. 

At Hare House we have been lucky to inherit four apple trees.  One of them is absolutely bursting with apples.  Our days are punctuated with the soft thud as they fall to the ground.  Up till now they've not been quite ripe for eating so we have a freezer full of apple waiting to go into crumbles!  And any extras are being thrust upon neighbours and any friends that visit!  Those apples past their prime go to a smallholding in the village who has some very hungry pigs so nothing is wasted.  I've been googling vintage apple crate storage and have found some absolute beauties but in reality we've little space to add a large apple store to the mix right now.  There is a travelling apple press which has been visiting neighbouring villages so you can get your apples pressed into juice which is an absolute genius idea but as our apples aren't quite ripe we're waiting.  A lovely friend has told us about a local apple presser where you can have apple juice or cider make from your apples - how brilliant is that?  They've produced a super helpful guide to know when your apples are ready for picking and ours aren't quite ready yet but Mr Rhubarb is on the case!  So watch this space . . .