Behind the Scenes - The Photoshoot

Photographer Lucie Milton taking photos off a handmade wash bag for Rhubarb & Hare

There are many joys to running Rhubarb & Hare.  But one of the main ones has to be when new stock arrives.  Typically I've spent ages deliberating on which glazes to request or what fabrics to pick so I get unbelievably excited when the order arrives and everything looks utterly gorgeous and like an excited child in a sweetie shop, I simply can't wait to get the items online and to share with you.  

Part of this process involves a photoshoot to show you just how beautiful the products are and how lovely they'll look in your home.  So much of my stock is hand made and with such high attention to detail, I really need to show this off so you can see the craftsmanship from the pictures as I appreciate being an online store, I need to help my lovely customers as much as possible.

Arranging the photoshoot is one of the things I love most about my job.  And for two main reasons.  Firstly I love thinking about how best to style and present each item.  I love finding props for the photos, a wooden tray here, an antique milking stool there, flowers for the vases etc and I love thinking about the best way to shoot the image.  I know how handling and looking at a beautiful object makes me happy and I want to try and convey that gorgeous feeling as much as possible.

The second is that I get to work with an amazing photographer Lucie Milton.  I've been working with Lucie for a couple of years now and she is so talented and inspirational.  Running your own business can be lonely at times and so it's always amazing to meet like minded business owners to swap ideas and tips and I love my chats with Lucie.  I don't think we even pause for breath on our shoot days we're so busy chatting !  Lucie is also a big fan of my products and has quite a few dotted around her home now.  Her reaction as I pull out each item to film is like a little piece of consumer research for me as she raves about the shape of the new vase I'm selling or the fabric I've chosen for a new set of cushions.  And as a keen amateur photographer I am constantly fascinated by her clever insights into what makes a great picture.

I can not wait to show you all the images we filmed this week for the store.  So many gorgeous new products and some of the loveliest photos I think we've taken so far.  Those who are signed up to my newsletter will be notified as soon as the stock drops onto the store so if you want to be the first to know when they go live, do make sure you're signed up here.