Brand New In - the only glassware you'll need this Summer

A hand blown and hand engraved rose glass tumbler from The Vintage List on a marble tray with slices of lemon on the side


I'm squealing with absolute joy right now! 

Can you hear it? 

Yes that high pitched noise far off in the distance, it's me.  I'd say sorry but I am not remotely sorry.  I am excited. 

When The Vintage List emailed me to say they'd just launched some new coloured glass ranges I immediately thought to myself, 'please let there be a pink one, please let there be a glorious pink one I can use this Summer'   - and there is!  There's just something about pink glassware on a summer tablescape that is gorgeous and I am 1000% for it!  

I've always loved vintage glassware.  As you can imagine, I am all about the detail and once we discovered some Georgian glasses with delicate scrollwork engraved onto them that were perfect for our evening Gin & Tonics, well that was it, we were hooked.  This is why I love The Vintage List so much  - they take that entire concept of the beauty, the feel of vintage glassware but then they make it work for a modern audience - all their glassware is made from lead-free glass and they can go in the dishwasher but they are still gorgeous to hold and I absolutely love them.  In fact, I am hoping to snaffle a set of the pink tumblers for our own table.  I just have to speak to the boss . . . .

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