Brand New Seasonal Candles from Ethel & Co For all the Cosy Feels

A lit candle on an old brick fireplace alongside a beautiful bunch of handpicked flowers

There are many perks to owning Rhubarb & Hare and one of them is trialling the wares!

I was a confirmed fan of Ethel & Co candles before the store launched.  I love their ethos and passionate dedication to creating high quality and eco-friendly candles with captivating scents and only using the finest ingredients available. They use 100% Cocosoy wax derived for an eco-friendly clean, long burn and lead-free cotton wicks. Every one of their candles is wicked, poured, and labelled all by hand, by their in-house team in Nottingham to maintain an impeccably high standard of quality which they pride ourselves on.  

BUT what I love about them most, is the naturalness of their scents. Always so fresh and real.  Their autumn/winter candles have just come into the store and they simply smell divine and so comforting.  On a wet, grey and miserable day like we keep having at the moment there is nothing lovelier than lighting a beautifully scented candle and just watching the flame flicker gently through the warming, brown glass. 

For the full seasonal range of Ethel & Co Candles available at Rhubarb & Hare, view the collection here.