Bringing a Touch of Spring into Your January Home

A Handmade ceramic scalloped edge striped planter in sage green with baby hyacinth

Are you Team Christmas Clutter or Team Tidy Up?

Did you take your tree down on Boxing Day muttering about dropping needles and clutter or were you like us?  Leaving it all up till the very last minute then taking each thing down as slowly as possible, almost resentfully.  Staring mournfully at the massive space in the corner of the sitting room where a be-ribboned and fairy lit tree once stood, bringing that touch of magic into the room.

I hate the bare feeling that comes to the house after Christmas, particularly mid-renovation like we are at the moment.  So I’ve been on a mission to make the house feel like a home again. I am literally filling our house with candles and bulbs everywhere!  All in spring colours. We need some vibrancy back in our lives. January can feel so drab. My gorgeous striped sage green planter usually sits on our kitchen window sill sporting our basil but it’s now proudly decorating our sitting room and my mantle vases are stuffed with hyacinths.

I’m also lighting scented candles everyday - even if it’s just me at home, comforting scents just immediately make me feel better as does the gentle glow. My current fave is a new one I got in just before Christmas, Jasmine & Vanilla from Norfolk Natural Living. It makes the room smell heavenly even when it’s not lit.

If you're in need of a fresh scent for your home this January you can view all our candles HERE