Bringing Easter Into Your Home

A Spring wreath full of tulips on the door of Rhubarb Cottage in time for Easter


How to Decorate Your Home At Easter

For me, there is something especially joyful about decorating your home at Easter.  For whatever reason, it feels less pressured than Christmas.  You can do as much or as little as you like, however you feel.  And after the dark winter months, it feels so good to fill your home with spring colours and flowers.

If you’re inclined to just give a subtle nod to Easter there are some really simple changes you can make to your interiors to give them a spring vibe.  I always change the candles on our mantelpiece to a nice green and swap my winter scented candles for something more zesty like Plum & Ashby’s Green Fig candle.

Flowers are also an easy way to quickly invite Spring cheer into your home.  At this time of year you start to see tulips everywhere and I think they’re such a gorgeous flower - I do adore a multicoloured collection of tulips at Easter.  I also love dotting pots of tete-a-tete daffodils and pink hyacinths around.  They work brilliantly on the kitchen table, on the sitting room sideboard or even by a bedside.  I like to put mine in old vintage bowls that I’ve collected over time.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous then an Easter tree is a definite must.  It’s so easy to put together but so effective.  Just a few twigs of pussy willow or blossom in a jug and voila.  You can then add some decorations should you wish.  I love to place just a few hanging here and there and we have a selection of handmade decorations, both paper eggs with satin ribbons, hand-folded paper stars and ceramic hares for anyone seeking some inspiration.  You can view the entire collection HERE.  As it’s in a jug the tree is incredibly easy to move around to wherever you want it on display - it could form the centrepiece of your table on Easter Sunday or stand on a hall table, kitchen table, mantelpiece.  Mine often moves around depending on what’s going on over the Easter weekend.

Bunting is always a lovely way of bringing colour and a feeling of festivity into a home.  A couple of years ago I  bought some gorgeous striped bunting from Susie Watson. With its springlike pinks and greens it usually comes out for Easter then stays up all Summer.   

Dressing your table for Easter has become increasingly popular and I do love making an occasion of a big family dinner.  Mr Rhubarb always cooks for the big occasions in our house so its left to me to faff with the table which is my absolute pleasure.  Again here you can go as simple or as big as you want.  If you want to create a look that is simple and effective you can dot some bud vases or jam jars of spring flowers down the middle of your table, interspersed with some tea lights.  Or if you have candle holders, add some lovely green candles for height alongside tea lights if you want a less formal feel.  There are some gorgeous feeds if you are looking for Easter tablescape or wreath inspiration too; My favourites to look at would be Fishers Green Cottage, Crown Cottage Curated or The Suffolk Nest

Until a couple of years ago I'd never bothered with an Easter wreath but I enjoy making them so much and the door at Rhubarb Cottage always looked so perfect with a wreath on it that now I've started the tradition I can't stop, even though we've moved and have a most distinctly boring front door.  This one I made via an online workshop with the very brilliant Rose & Rhubarb Flowers.

As well as candles and tea light holders in our curated Easter collection I also have the beautiful hand printed 100% cotton Hare napkins from Lottie Day.  Featured in Country Life magazine her napkins are so soft and a pleasure to use and this Hare illustration is one of my absolute favourites.  Or if you want to keep things more plain, use our handmade porcelain running hare decorations to tie around a plain linen napkin with cutlery on top and your guests can take the decoration away with them too!

An egg within bunny ears napkin tied with a lovely handmade ceramic hare


For more inspiration you can view our full Easter collection by clicking HERE