Can You Ever Have Too Many Cushions?

Peony & Sage Bamburgh Feather & Egg Swedish Grey

Asking for a friend . . .

There's a singular problem with running a homeware store that I never really thought about in all my planning and that is - I simply want every single thing I purchase for the store in my own home.

Many items I do own anyway.  I would never stock a potter without first using and testing a mug, or vase so I know exactly how they look, feel, wash etc.  The handmade wooden double backed spoon was already creating a revelation in the Rhubarb kitchen before I ordered some for the store.  I have strict standards to uphold and I am proud of them.  I am not going to stock anything I don’t feel absolutely passionate about.  If I can’t rave about it endlessly then it’s just not for R&H.   

But there does come a time when I’m opening up a box of newly ordered cushions, all handmade to my exact specifications and there they are, so perfect and immediately I begin mentally dotting them around the cottage.  I know Olive & Daisy doorstops or Catkin & Olive cushions are beautiful and beautifully made - I don’t need 100 of them but my goodness, it’s so hard to resist. 

Luckily every time I sell a cushion I get an email back from the new owner saying how much they love the cushions and how they complete their room/bed/sofa etc and that makes me even happier.