The Christmas Presents I Buy Myself

A collection of brown paper parcels tied with red and white twine and sprinkled with snow 

Does anyone else find they sneak in presents for themselves when they are browsing for Christmas presents?  I am guessing it’s not just me. In fact I refuse to believe it’s just me.

I can’t help it.  When I’m searching for a gift for one of my sisters or a nephew and suddenly I spot something else and think, well I may as well make the most of the delivery and just throw in that item I spotted for me. OR I buy a present, then fall in love with it and realise I want to keep it, so I end up buying another! That happened last year when I first spotted the handmade matchstrikers I now stock. I bought one for my sister, then decided it was so gorgeous I had to have one too so I bought a second! And now of course I sell them in the store!

Here is what I have purchased for myself so far:


A Felt Christmas Hare:

As you may have guessed by the store name, I adore hares.  I first spotted Flock & Hare's little felt hares a couple of months back. At that time they were sporting a lovely autumnal mustard coloured scarf and I was soooo tempted but thought I’d hang back to see if a Christmas scarf version would arrive – and it did and that was it. I ordered and now he is sitting on my mantelpiece – my only little nod to Christmas so far but he’s there and I totally love him! Though he still doesn't have a name, which needs to be rectified!


A New Pair of Pyjamas:

I treat my littles to new festive pyjamas every year. My mum used to do that for us and I can still remember the excitement of going to bed in my new pyjamas on Christmas Night. I am a big fan of warm, cosy winter pyjamas and decided I obviously needed a fresh pair this year too. Hence a little trip to HUSH who produce my favourite warm winter nightwear. I went for green stars – festive and bright.


Salad Servers:

I'll admit it.  These were an unexpected purchase. At no point in recent months have I bemoaned the salad servers we already have, but I was browsing my favourite Sophie Conran Portmeirion collection when there they were on offer, winking at me.   Suddenly I realised we needed them – the pair we already have are not sufficient and when we have guests over, which I hope we will be able to do one day again, we will need pretty salad servers that are so beautiful they will simply make the dinner party!


A Paper Bauble:

Earlier this year I took part in one of the online fairs with Fabulous Places. It’s always amazing to see so many talented makers and small businesses in one place making the most gorgeous items. One such maker is Panache ParParis who creates the loveliest decorations out of paper and ribbon. Of course I had to purchase a little bauble with a sage green ribbon  - well it has to be in R&H colours!


The Shop Small Bag

Whilst on the fabulous places site I also had to purchase the SHOP SMALL bag – it’s so important this year more than ever for all of us to support all the small businesses struggling to survive this year. These bags sold out so quickly last time I purchased a sneaky one as soon as they came in!

What was the last thing you bought yourself for Christmas?