Introducing Libby Ballard Ceramics


I've wanted to stock Libby Ballard since I first saw her beautiful ceramics and I am thrilled to finally welcome her to the Rhubarb & Hare store.

Based in Wiltshire, Libby is inspired by the coast and makes the most irresistible and tactile ceramics for the home, designed to be both beautiful, useful and a simple comfort to use.  She uses a flecked stoneware clay that is mixed in her studio from a special blend of two different clays and her glazes are created from a selection of ingredients and completely unique to her.  Every single piece begins life as a ball of clay that's thrown on to the wheel and then the shape is formed by hand. They take between 2-3 weeks to make from start to finish.  Can you imagine?  I did a pottery class a couple of years ago and nothing I made remotely resembled anything as beautiful as these mugs.

I am launching Libby with her handmade ceramic coffee travel mugs. Whilst I don't drink coffee,  a tea or hot chocolate with me when I'm on-the-go is essential.  Some days it's the only chance I get to have a hot drink!  But I'm not a fan of metal mugs.  They lose some of the ritual for me - that soothing ritual of wrapping my hands around something warming. So I'm thrilled Libby has created a solution for proper mug lovers like me.

The mugs come with a grey silicon band so you can hold it even when it’s been freshly made and a matching silicon lid.  And I love the two glazes we’ve picked for the launch, Misty Morning, the perfect option for those who love rising early and having their first morning cup of tea before anyone else is up, and the world is still.  Or Midnight Blue if you prefer to dream about big sea skies at night as they slowly fill with stars.

To view the full Libby Ballard Ceramics Collection at Rhubarb & Hare click HERE