Introducing the beautiful world of Folded Side Project

A close up image of the fairy lights handmade by Folded Side Project

I am hugely excited to be able to bring Folded Side Project to the Rhubarb & Hare store.  I came across Emma’s Instagram feed via one of my usual rabbit hole searches and I was immediately transfixed by the purity, beauty and timelessness of her designs.  Whether it’s a folded paper light, lamp shade, fairy lights or decorations, every single item is handmade from high quality recycled papers and natural materials.  

Folded Side Project is a small independent design studio in rural Essex.  Emma Fisher, the owner started off her career as a fashion designer in London before relocating to the countryside and turning her focus to making slower and more sustainable products.  Emma combines her inspiration derived from origami, architecture and geometric forms with her passion for design, art, colour, shape, light and shadow to make truly beautiful paper lights, lamp shades and decorations.  Emma creates handmade products with a clean, timeless quality that are driven by style rather than fashion. 

For the launch collection, I have picked a small lamp shade in several shades, a string of fairy lights which just need to be in my house immediately(!) and some paper circle garlands which are just perfect for adding a lovely colour pop to a bedroom, living room or study.  More products will follow, especially as we head towards Christmas because the decorations Emma makes are just so jaw-droppingly handsome that you'll want them on display all year round.

To view our full launch collection with Folded Side Project, click here.