Introducing the Rhubarb & Hare Gluggle Jug Collection

The Gluggle Jug Collection at Rhubarb & Hare

Gluggle Jugs are one of those items that either have a special place in your heart, or you have never heard of them! There is no in between.

For those in the know, I merely have to say the words “gluggle jugs” to be met with cries of ‘I love those’ or ‘oh please tell me you’re selling them, I want them’ etc

On the face of it, if you were to mention to someone you were in love with a fish shaped jug that made an amusing gluggle noise when you poured it, they may be forgiven for thinking you had gone bonkers, but once you have held and poured one of these jugs it is simply love at first pour!

They were first made in Staffordshire in the late 1870s by Thomas Forester & Son but it was in the 1950s when a pair were specially made to be presented to the Queen and Prince Philip on their visit to Britannia Naval College to present New Colours that they received a real boost in popularity.

They are now produced in lots of different colours and sizes. For our launch at Rhubarb & Hare I have opted to sell the most popular size, the 1.3Litre jug which holds enough water for 4-5 tumblers.

But of course you don’t just have to use yours for water – we do at Rhubarb Cottage, because the littles just adore the glugging noise it makes and they demand it every suppertime! But they can be used for wine, squash, or some fans like to use them as utensil pots or for flowers and they do look lovely with flowers in! Or you can simply use it as an ornament.

I’d love to know what you use for yours!

The full collection can be viewed here