Introducing The Vintage List to the Rhubarb & Hare store

The Vintage List Collection at Rhubarb & Hare


I first became aware of The Vintage List on one of my annual pre-Christmas trips to Liberty's.  It's my little ritual I perform every year, where I go for a browse and bring home another fantastically beautiful Christmas decoration.  

On this occasion, there amongst the tableware I found this amazing array of glasses that looked like the vintage Georgian sets we'd been collecting.  However, these were hand made, hand engraved with the loveliest array of vintage designs but best of all, they were made from fine, lead-free glass and could go in the dishwasher!  A year later I bought a pair of champagne coupes as a Valentine's present for Mr Rhubarb.  We love these glasses so much and use them a lot and that was it, my love for The Vintage List was set!

The company was started because they wanted to reproduce some of the wonderful glassware you would find in English antique markets and salerooms.  They use old designs which are classic and timeless, but perfectly complement other modern homeware AND of course, being dishwasher safe is an added bonus plus they sell singles so if you ever break a glass, you can find an easy replacement.

I am thrilled to be able to welcome The Vintage List into the Rhubarb & Hare family and the launch collection features a lovely array of glassware, whether you are looking for something new for the Christmas table, some new sundowner highballs, or maybe a pair of champagne coupes as a special gift.  Whatever you are looking for, take a browse at the full collection here.