Introducing Tom Jones Woodworker to the Rhubarb & Hare Store


The hand carved wooden spoon collection available at Rhubarb & Hare

One of the things I love most about running Rhubarb & Hare is finding gorgeous products that I buy for my home and then once I know how amazing they are I can share them with you.

It's my love of baking that has led me onto the latest find for the Rhubarb & Hare store.  Imagine if you will, the sheer genius of a DOUBLE BACKED SPOON!?  A spoon with no concave bowl on one side, so whether you're stirring cake batter, scrambled egg or porridge, it DOESN'T CLOG!  I never knew I needed one but once I'd seen it I couldn't believe I didn't own one.  I spotted it on an Instagram rabbit hole one day so of course I immediately had to buy the spoon from the very clever Tom Jones Woodmaker and it is so delicious - hand carved from English Beech - and so brilliantly useful that I had to find out what else Tom makes.  It turns out he hand carves an array of useful but fun kitchenware, which are as tactile and beautiful as they are handy.  

The double backed spoon was my favourite, till I spotted the heart shaped spoon.  Then I discovered that such a thing as a risotto spoon exists, with the hole in the middle designed to break less grains and therefore generate a creamier risotto.  As big risotto fans at Rhubarb Cottage this is an absolute WIN.  Then the sheer detailed perfection of the colander spoon, created because Tom's sister wanted a spoon to use for poached eggs, is just so tactile, I don't know whether I want to use it or just cradle it!

The full collection is now up on the site and I urge you to take a look.  They are the perfect treat for any chef and a particularly sweet idea for a stocking filler or Secret Santa this Christmas.