Introducing Wax Atelier to Rhubarb & Hare

The sage twisted candle from Wax Atlier


After a long quest, I'm thrilled to say I've at last found the perfect dinner candles for your home . . . 

Wax Atelier create the most beautiful artisanal candles in their North London studio.  I was captivated by their colours at first, which are inspired by nature, and then totally fell in love with their ethos and focus on sustainability using environmentally low impact processes to ensure their candles aren't creating a negative impact for us and the world we live in.

Production is entirely in-house and all materials are sourced locally. They use natural materials are beeswax or plant wax and natural dyes to create their colours, like Madder Root which gives their candles the most heavenly shade of soft pink I've ever seen.  

 As their candles are made bespoke and in small batches the colour and size of each batch can vary slightly which I absolutely love!  Wax Atelier's passion and attention to detail literally jumps at you and it is precisely why their candles are so special and unique.

For our launch collection I have opted for three of my favourite colours - 

Mother's Milk:  made from 100% pure white beeswax this is a classic colour for your dining table.  I chose it in the Stubby form - these candles are dipped over 35 times to reach their rotund shape!

The Sage Collection - one of my favourite colours in the world anyway and such a beautiful hue.  These are made with a blend of beeswax and green tea, a plant-based wax.  When lit, these candles do release a subtle blend of matcha tea and honey.  

Madder Root: I fell in love with this colour as soon as I saw it.  Delicate but not pale, strong but not overpowering, pink without being too saccharine.  I simply can not wait to use this on my dining table.  I think they would look perfect twinned with the sage or mother's milk candles.

To view the full collection of all shapes and colours, click HERE