Isla Middleton's Winter Seasonal Botanical Illustration

The Winter botanical illustration by Isla Middleton


At last it's here!

This is news for all those fans of Isla Middleton's designs, like me, who have loved her seasonal foraging illustrations for the past three years.  Isla's Autumn, Spring & Summer posters have been perennial bestsellers since I began stocking them and get nothing but 5* reviews.  Some are bought individually and some are bought as a trio but the question I have constantly been asked is 'Where's winter?"  Isla has always said the issue is there isn't much to forage to eat in Winter but at last, she has answered our prayers and given us a Winter season.  Whilst this one can't show edible plants to forage, instead it reminds us of all the wondrous beauty that nature provides in Winter, showing seasonal flora you may wish to bring into your home or connect with when out on your wintery walks.  

The beautiful lino cut illustration includes pine cones, mistletoe, hops and old man’s beard amongst many others and like the other illustrations, each plant is numbered with their names included at the bottom of the print.  The poster is printed with vegetable based, vegan inks on the same slightly textural grey 100% recycled paper as the other seasons so all four posters can be displayed as a set.  

You can view the new Winter poster HERE and the collection as a whole HERE