It's All In The Detail

Image of a Rhubarb & Hare parcel getting ready to be wrapped up and sent out
"It felt like I had received a gift rather than a purchase.'
'It feels like opening a little box of luxury.'

I've started to receive some lovely feedback from customers about our products of course, but also our packaging.

From the very start when I began building the store, I knew I wanted every package to be sent out with all the care and attention to detail that I love when I purchase online.  I love packaging anyway -  Give me something tied up with raffia or ribbon and I am SOLD.  Or give me an hour just to peruse the beautiful packaging of somewhere like Fortnum & Mason and I am in heaven. 

It partly stems from my marketing background but also, as a consumer, I know that I like to feel special and appreciated and I want every Rhubarb & Hare customer to feel the same way.  Every R&H parcel must feel like a present not just a purchase.

We're all so distracted and busy these days I feel anything that gives us pause and allows us to savour the moment is a good thing.  Also I really appreciate every single order so think of it as a thank you from me to you.