Launch Collection: An Introduction to Barton Croft

Large Serving bowl

I am massively excited that Barton Croft is part of the launch collection for Rhubarb & Hare. If you hadn’t already guessed from previous blogs or my instagram feed, I am a HUGE ceramics fan. Mr Rhubarb keeps desperately trying to enforce a pottery ban as our kitchen shelves groan under the weight of an ever-increasing collection of mugs, dishes and a whole host of serving bowls for every single occasion you could remotely think of but I simply can’t resist a beautiful shape, pattern or glaze. I have a little jug I bought years ago, just because I adored the glaze and couldn’t bear to leave the shop not knowing if I’d ever see that glorious duck egg colour again!

I met Laurena from Barton Croft last year and immediately fell in love with her handmade tableware and after a ten minute chat about how we both choose mugs for specific drinks (I mean my herbal tea mugs are totally different to those I’d choose for a hot chocolate or a glass of milk – tell me we’re not the only ones here?!) I knew I’d met a kindred spirit!

The Barton Croft ethos is simple – a love of honest, functional, well-designed objects and a passion for artisan quality goods.  Their philosophy is that the eye should be drawn to your meal rather than the vessel it is served on, and so their ceramics are consequently refined and simple, designed to accentuate rather than detract.  Made with the finest clay, a special hybrid of porcelain and stoneware, each item is meticulously produced by hand in their studio in Hampshire, UK.

The glazes they use are ethereally beautiful and they have all been developed to work together so you can mix them up however you want. But what I love most about their tableware is the sheer tactility of them. The mugs have been designed so you can get a good hug around your hot drink and that is exactly what you want to do as soon as you see them – you just want to touch them. Each item has touches of the makers’ hands and throwing rings can be seen which just reminds me how every single item has been individually made, it is completely unique.

The icing on the cake is that everything they make is made to last so they can be used in the dishwasher, microwave and oven where appropriate. Their divine-smelling candles come in pots that can be washed and used once the candle has finished.

Already being picked up internationally by New York Hamptons store, The Interior I know their tableware is something special and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you. My favourite item is their large mug in their Rhubarb glaze – obviously!

Browse through our Barton Croft collection here