Launch Collection: An Introduction to Plum & Ashby

I have adored Plum & Ashby since I first stumbled across them at a very busy Christmas Fair years ago and immediately fell in love with their aesthetic. Based in Buckinghamshire, they create beautifully designed, high quality products for your home with an approach that is clean, simple, elegant and considered. Their home & body collections are inspired by and celebrate their love of the British countryside. Made in England and enriched with natural ingredients.

I always said if I ever opened a homeware store they would have to be one of the brands I stocked and I am delighted to be able to include them here in my launch collection.

There are two things I love about Plum & Ashby – firstly and obviously the most important, is I love the products themselves. I always have a hand & body wash plus a hand cream by my kitchen sink and another set in the bathroom. Having two little people in the house I find I am constantly either washing my hands or getting them to wash theirs. In fact sometimes the only way I can persuade the littlest little to wash his hands is to remind him he gets to use ‘the nice hand wash’! It works! Their scents are gorgeous and I love the moment of mindfulness they provide in my day when I use them and for just a moment am lost in a little sensory-fest.

Secondly, all their products look lovely with stylish labelling and packaging. I adore the brown glass bottles of the hand wash and cream. Even their handbag sized hand cream comes in a lovely metallic tube. The considered thought behind each product is easy to see and makes every use feel like a treat.

I've chosen some of my favourite products for this launch but I'll continue to add more and more to the site in the coming weeks.

Have a look at our selection of their range here.