My Favourite Spot in the Cottage

A corner of a pink room showing an armchair, a side table with antique books, a vase full of flowers and a candle

This is my current favourite spot to sit in Rhubarb Cottage.  

It's a corner of the master bedroom, which is new.  Previously it homed our laundry basket and a chest of drawers, but when we had this room re-painted earlier this year we decided to have a switch-around.  Mr Rhubarb suggested we move the chest of drawers to open this corner up and suddenly it is like a revelation and we have a proper grown-up seating area in the bedroom, which I find I am using more and more!

The room has always been pink - I knew before we even moved in, that I wanted to a pale pink bedroom.  But despite the dual aspect of the room letting in plenty of light, the colour we had initially picked was looking a bit muddy and almost lilac in tone in certain lights.  So we decided to go with a bolder, deeper but still a soft pink - Confetti by Little Greene Paints.  And I love it.  It is such a soothing and gentle colour.  

The window is the only crittal window in the cottage and we're not entirely sure when, in the cottage's four-hundred-year-old history it arrived but it does give us a gorgeous view over the gardens and backs of cottages behind us.  It is the perfect spot for a morning cup of tea, or an evening sit and muse.

The chair, we purchased about eight years ago at a local antique shop.  We just fell in love with its shape though I still think about re-covering it, but Mr Rhubarb is rather keen on the fabric so it remains in the 'to think about' box.  It's super comfortable and the perfect small size for a bedroom.

The side table is part of a pair we picked up at a lovely French furniture store in Creake Abbey, Norfolk, Home by Annie Lambert.  The store is always a treasure trove with a million different charming things in it and we usually come away with something.  These tables are delicate and exactly what we'd been looking for. 

This table now always holds a Plum & Ashby candle and a small posy of flowers from the garden.  We are all so busy and frantic these days that when I do have the opportunity to sit down and not do one of the thousands of things on my to do list, I like to make the most of it - I light a candle and just appreciate the flowers and the views out of the window.  Also this weekly task of wandering round the garden and finding blooms to put in the vase is a job that I absolutely love and consider a treat to be able to do.

Where is your favourite spot in your house?