The Perfect Picnic Blanket

The Perfect Picnic Blanket - Atlantic Blankets

Today is the start of National Picnic Week.

I absolutely adore picnics. Everything simply tastes better at a picnic, doesn't it? Homemade quiches, picnic eggs, sausages cooked that morning, fresh strawberries, homemade cake and some ginger beer. Even better if you're eating it at the beach and everything has that salty taste to it. Mmmm. Just thinking about it makes me want to plan one.

As you may have come to expect from me, I am super fussy about my picnic blankets and have been searching for a while for The Perfect Picnic Blanket!  There's nothing as disappointing as a thin, scratchy or ineffectual picnic blanket.  I like mine to be really thick so when you're sat at the park or on the beach, you don't feel every lump and bump in the ground underneath you; obviously it has to be waterproof on the underside but still soft on top so you're not itching as you sit; but also it has to be stylish.  Everything at Rhubarb & Hare is about style but also functionality - this includes our picnic blankets!

This is why I love stocking Atlantic Blankets and here are three big reasons why theirs should be your picnic blankets of choice this season.

Firstly, you'll be supporting their small family business in North Cornwall.  Like all the makers I stock, they are committed to making everything within Britain, using traditional methods and mills that support the British wool industry.  So one purchase supports a whole host of small British businesses.

Secondly, their picnic blankets are so stylish.  I always get asked where mine is from every single time I use it.  The owners of Atlantic Blankets, Gemma & Al take inspiration from their beautiful coastal surroundings and with small children of their own, they know how to design gorgeous blankets that help create happy memories.  The picnic blankets are made from 100% wool and shouldn't need more than a shake and an airing outside to keep them feeling fresh.  The herringbone design is classic and we adore the colours, not to mention the handy beautiful leather strap.

Thirdly, you'll be following the wave of excitement around Atlantic Blankets at the moment.  They have been featured in all our favourite home magazines, like Country Living, The English Home and Homes & Gardens.  Not to mention if you're a big fan of Karina at Cornishware as I am, she is always sat on a Cornish beach with her Atlantic Blankets picnic blanket, with a flask of tea and every single time I wish i was there.  Well I can't be in Cornwall today, but I can be sat on a picnic blanket and pretend I am!

You can view the full Atlantic Blankets collection at Rhubarb & Hare here

Happy Picnicking!