Rhubarb & Hare Celebrates It's First Birthday

First Birthday Cake for Rhubarb & Hare


 It's not like I need any excuse to eat cake!  But I am so thrilled that this week we celebrate Rhubarb & Hare's first birthday!

What a year it has been!  In all the dreaming and planning for the store, I never considered launching at the start of a global pandemic but that's what we ended up doing.  It's been pretty hectic (who could have foreseen the cardboard shortage!) but I have loved every second of working on the store.

Every single order, every five star review a customer has taken the time to leave, every message to say how much you have loved your order has absolutely made my day.  Particularly when you have entrusted me to send a present to a much missed loved one with the notes of love and affection you asked me to send on your behalf.  Followed by an email I receive later to say how the parcel made your mother's/aunts/daughter's day.  That fills my heart with so much joy I can not even express to you how much it means.

I should also thank all the amazing makers and small businesses from across the UK who have worked with me this year.  It is an honour to work with such talented and creative people and I love how the store's success over the past year is benefitting them too.  

I am beyond excited to think about what the next year holds for Rhubarb & Hare.  We launched with four brands, we now stock seventeen.  And already there are more plans in the pipeline with collaborations and exclusives.  My mission continues - to source products that are both useful and beautiful which will give you joy every time you use it.  But for today I am sat with a large slab of lemon curd cake made by my lovely friends at Halli & Shah Cakes and I intend to eat my way through it.