Stocking Fillers

Stockings hanging by a fireplace


I love the fact that stockings are still as much of a Christmas tradition as they ever were.  There is something about that ritual of hanging up empty stockings by the fire.  The feeling of excitement and hope and the magic that comes alive when we remember the true spirit of Christmas.

And opening a stocking on Christmas morning brings out that childish joy in all of us. I still remember fondly the year my mother made me a giant cracker out of card and crepe paper to have as my stocking.  All the love she poured into making that cracker lingers with me long after I've forgotten what was actually inside it!

Everyone has different stocking traditions - some open theirs on Christmas Eve, others in the morning, or some even wait till after Christmas Dinner, can you imagine the willpower?!  Whatever your family tradition is, I've pulled together a list of gorgeous items, mostly handmade, all by UK small makers and businesses that will bring a smile to anyone's face on Christmas Day.

You can view the collection HERE