Summer Collection: An Introduction to Atlantic Blankets

A woman stood on a beach on a summer's day holding a picnic blanket

My friend if you don’t get excited about picnic blankets, then look away now.  I ADORE picnic blankets.  For me they spark the same joy as picnic baskets.  On my 30th birthday my gorgeous school friends asked what did i want for a present - something i didn’t need but desperately wanted - and what did i ask for?  The picnic basket of dreams!  It’s so very beautiful and gorgeous and MASSIVE that when full it takes two people to lift it but that basket fills my heart with JOY.  It’s the same with picnic blankets - even more so now I have two small children which means we’re always out and about at the beach or in the park or even just our garden!  I have been on a mission to find the perfect picnic blanket and as you must know by now I love to find items that I can use everyday but that spark joy in my heart each time I use them.  I’ve tried various different brands over the years but none has hit all my requirements in terms of thickness, comfort, quality and also desirability.  Until now . . .

I stumbled across Atlantic Blankets via my usual Instagram rabbit hole on a cold and rainy day earlier this year and I was immediately transported to a beautiful dune beach in Cornwall with the promise of the perfect picnic blanket.

Atlantic Blankets is a family run business based in North Cornwall and like all the other makers I stock, they are committed to making everything within Britain, using traditional methods and mills that support the British wool industry.

The owners Gemma & Al design beautiful blankets, taking inspiration from their beautiful coastal surroundings and with small children of their own, they know how to design gorgeous blankets that help create happy memories.

I am absolutely delighted to be able to stock them at Rhubarb & Hare and know you will love them too.

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