Show How Much You Love Them with our Valentines Edit


I must admit I’m not a Valentine’s sort of gal.  I’m not a fan of forced romanticism with a set menu dinner or red roses (I do in fact despise red roses).  I much prefer an unexpected present on a random day - far more delightful.  Buy me a book I’ve mentioned I’d like to read on a Tuesday of no real importance and I am in heaven!  Surprise me with cheery blooms from the flower market in town on an indistinguishable Saturday and I am thrilled!

Having said that, in our increasingly busy lives where you can easily slip into the daily routine without poking your head above ground, Valentine’s Day does give us all a much needed prompt to remind the ones you love "That you like them, very much, just as they are" - If you can’t quote Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones’s Diary at Valentine’s then when can you?! Gosh just reading that line makes me want to watch that film NOW even though I've clearly seen it a million times already!

Valentine's hasn’t always been a day just for lovers either, in previous centuries cards and tokens of affection were exchanged with friends and loved family members too.  I always love an excuse to send one of my friends a note or gift to show them how much I care and how they are in my thoughts. 

With this in mind I’ve put together this year’s Valentines Edit with an array of thoughtful items from small items that can be popped into an envelope to bigger, more expensive goodies when you need to convey that little bit more.  

And don’t forget handwritten Rhubarb & Hare branded notecards can be included at no extra cost with your order should you want to send something directly to your loved ones.

The Valentines Edit can be found HERE
And should you be looking for a lovely romantic film to watch can I recommend Persuasion with Dakota Johnson on Netflix.  It won't appeal to Jane Austen purists but I absolutely love it and have watched it several times now.  It has also made me desperately want a pet rabbit but that's another story.