The Art of Patience

The Study at Hare House showing the lampshade by Jan Jay design


The hardest thing about renovating a house……is the waiting.

We know we’ll be making changes but whilst we wait to hear back on planning permission and finalise our plans on the interiors, there isn’t much at this stage we can do to the rest of the house. It’s a waiting game - And one thing I am not is patient.  For me, home is my sanctuary and if it’s not giving me all the feels - I’ll be honest, I struggle. So whilst we’re in this limbo I am making the odd purchase to give me joy.  But it's tricky because I am aware that what we think we need may change once we see the new spaces inside.

When we moved in, we had a house full of bare light bulbs.  Is there anything as miserable looking as a bald lightbulb?  For most of the rooms I found some neutral lampshades at John Lewis which are super cheap but look really smart.  If you want to see them click HERE.

But for our study, I wanted something else.  Since we moved in, we've painted it in Little Greene's Hicks Blue paint and added in some billy bookcases from Ikea just to make it feel more like ours.   I couldn't bring myself to just put another plain lampshade in.

Then whilst scrolling on insta one afternoon I saw a fabric on Jan Jay Design's feed which I just totally fell in love with and knew I wanted it in my house. I sell Jan’s woodland animal portraits in the store so know the quality of her work. And this lampshade is no exception. It looks perfect in our study and makes my heart happy every time I look at it.

Will this room always stay this colour? Who knows.

Will this lampshade always be in this room? Maybe not.

Maybe it’ll move onto a lamp base at some point in the guest room or the snug.

I am a big believer in buy what you love and it will all work together to make your home a very special and personal space.  Because I absolutely love this lampshade I know I want it in my house and it will always find the right spot to be to give me that joy.