The Best Picnic Blanket. Ever.

A picnic blanket with cushions and a wicker picnic basket


Did you know this week is National Picnic Week? 

No, me neither but to be fair I'll take any excuse to have a picnic.  Whether at the beach, watching the cricket on the village green or just sat in the garden in the shade of the apple trees, I simply love a picnic.  

My wicker picnic basket weighs an absolute tonne as soon as you put anything into it, but it looks so gorgeous I stagger about carrying it.  And I adore planning the menu.  Cake, obviously.  First and foremost - usually my famous lemon drizzle simply because it's everyone's favourite, plus some cold sausages cooked the night before.  These work particularly well for us when you're on the beach and you need a quick snack between building sandcastles or collecting shells.  I also love a homemade mini quiche.  I have a fabulous recipe from my Mother-in-Law with spring onions, bacon and spinach.  Mmmmm.  I always have to take a flask of tea too.  Why does nothing taste as good as tea in a flask in the outdoors?!

Being such a picnic fan you can understand why it has taken me a while to find the most perfect picnic blanket ever, but I have! I've gone through quite a few in my time and it's not as easy as you think.  To find a waterproof picnic blanket; to find one that isn't so thin you feel every lump and bump underneath it when you sit down; to find one that doesn't look grubby after one use and that you feel embarrassed to bring out when everyone else is putting theirs down. 

I've had my Atlantic Blankets picnic blanket for about three years now and it still looks just as pristine as the day I first got it.  It's made in Cornwall from 100% wool and is the perfect combination of style and durability.  It's lovely and thick to sit on and has a waterproof polyester underside.  The herringbone pattern is a classic and one of my favourite details is the strong, leather handle it comes with.  We've had so many compliments on it when we're out and about and its so incredibly useful I keep it in the car at all times now because you never know when you're going to need it - sports days, cricket matches, beach picnics or just sitting in a rather full pub garden!   

I'm thrilled to stock these picnic blankets in the store.  Atlantic Blankets is a family run business based in North Cornwall and like all the other makers I stock, they are committed to making everything within Britain, using traditional methods and mills that support the British wool industry.

The owners Gemma & Al take inspiration from their beautiful coastal surroundings and with small children of their own, they know how to design gorgeous blankets that help create happy memories.

So go on, get out there this week and make some amazing memories.

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