The Charm of an L-Shaped Cottage

An L Shaped English Country Cottage
There is a certain charm to living in an L-shaped home which I had never experienced before we came here to Rhubarb Cottage.
One of my favourite things to do, and of which I never tire, is to look into the windows of one end from the other end.  Especially just as it is turning to dusk, and the lamps are on, the fire is lit, and the cottage just looks oh so cosy. 
I always take a moment to look objectively - are the curtains hanging right, do we need to change the arrangement on the windowsill and then I usually fall into a moment of feeling so very lucky.  Lucky that I get to call this cottage home.    I sometimes find myself staring out of a window, just looking at our gorgeous wonky slate roof.  
Being L-shaped the cottage also has its quirks.  The cottage isn't massive, but if you are in the far end of the L, you can't hear if someone knocks on the front door.  Luckily since the pup arrived that has been rectified as he begins barking as soon as someone opens the front gate!  Also as the old walls are lath and plaster, and full of horse hair, wifi struggles to get round it all.  We have two points just to ensure we can access it throughout the cottage.
But it's these quirks that made us fall in love with the cottage when we first saw it.  Amazing that six years on it's still working its magic.