The Colour of the Season

Atlantic Blankets Herringbone Picnic Blanket with Leather Handle
There must be something about needing a ray of sunshine at the moment, especially after the year we've all had.  When I was planning my Spring Collection for Rhubarb & Hare at the end of last year, I found myself increasingly drawn to items that would give me a burst of bright, sunny yellow.
Then Pantone announced its colours of the year and lo and behold they picked Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey.  They described the colours as a message of happiness supported by fortitude.  We want to feel bright and cheerful and warmed.  I know this resonates with me.  As I write this blog the sun is streaming in across the village green and through our cottage windows and you can feel how it just lifts you, puts you in a better mood and makes you feel that anything is possible.

This month I was reading the April 2021 edition of The English Home magazine and they have declared yellow as an interiors colour of the year.  From soft daffodil yellows to strong mustard hues - as an accent against crisp whites in the bedroom or to help dress a table to add some jollity or simply bring a cheerful glow to a room.

So here is the Rhubarb & Hare Yellow Edit:

Mini Yellow Gluggle Jug

I adore my mini gluggle jug at home which I use as a posy holder and it sits in the bathroom, by my kitchen sink or on my mantelpiece depending on my mood and the bloom.  It’s a versatile jug in its own right.  And who can resist it when its in such a gorgeously bright daffodil yellow?  Use it as your milk jug with your coffee, by your bedside for water, or fill with water for your whiskey or tonic for your gin.  It’s the perfect gift size too to send someone a little spring cheer in the post!

Atlantic Herringbone Wool Picnic Blanket in Yellow with Leather Strap

With some of the warmer weather we’ve been having recently we are tantalisingly close to getting back out with outdoor picnics, whether at the park, the beach or even your back garden.  I adore my herringbone wool picnic blanket from Atlantic Blankets, a family business based in North Cornwall.  And this blanket with its 100% wool, waterproof underside and leather handle detail will be sure to make you stand out wherever you are this Spring.

Hand thrown and hand glazed mustard mug

How about a gorgeous ray of sunshine for your morning cup of tea?  I love these mustard mugs with their warm, sunny glaze.  Each one has been hand thrown and hand glazed so it is entirely individual.  Designed to be used, loved and handled they are perfect to wrap your hands around them.

Hand thrown lidded pot in mustard glaze


This lidded pot in a mustard glaze is one of my favourite new items in store.   I always love to find items which are equally beautiful and useful.  Entirely hand thrown on the potters wheel these are perfect in the kitchen for storing tea, coffee or your sourdough starter, or have in your bathroom or bedroom for hair tidies, cotton buds, cotton wool pads etc  A little pot of cheer in your home.