The Mindfulness of Modern Calligraphy

I have wanted to go to a calligraphy course for absolutely ages, so when I spotted one being held at a new local art gallery I, quite literally, jumped at the chance.

The venue was perfect; a bright, light and airy art gallery with views over one of Essex’s prettiest villages, Finchingfield. There was fresh tea in hand made pottery, home made lemon drizzle cake and most excitingly just beautifully presented calligraphy equipment and paper! This totally speaks to my heart - I adore stationery. My drawers at home are filled with pads that I consider TOO BEAUTIFUL to write in, which drives Mr Rhubarb potty. But as soon as I sat down to the course and saw the ink pot my excitement levels went into overdrive.

I am not entirely sure how I was expecting to find calligraphy but what I had completely underestimated was just how mindful it would be. Without exaggeration, it was possibly the most blissful two hours I have had in months.

There was something about the repetition of practising the alphabet, the down strokes, the upward strokes, the pause as you dip your pen in the ink, then gently tap it on the side and begin again. It was simply soothing. The other course attendees were absolutely lovely and we’d break into chatter but every now and again we’d just fall into this perfect silence, each of us practising and concentrating, with just the scratch of the nib, the noise of pens tapping against ink pots, and then my favourite noise ever, someone asking if I’d like more tea and cake!

It’s definitely going to take me a while to master but I have my practise sheets, my delicious ink pot, my pen and my nib and I am going to savour every moment of practising my upper and lower case alphabets.

Thanks to cherry.rebecca for teaching the class and Wonky Wheel at Finchingfield for hosting.

[FYI - This is not an ad, nor was it a gift. I paid to attend and I’d do so again in a heartbeat!]