The Norfolking Around Christmas Fair

 Norfolking Around Christmas Fair

I absolutely adore pottering around a Christmas market, snaffling out the best gifts for the people I love.  It's just a heart-warming way to shop when there's festive music playing, the buzz of being out with everyone feeling upbeat and joyful (remember those times when more than six of us could be somewhere at any one time?), and of course walking around with a steaming mug of hot chocolate loaded down with tonnes of whipped cream and then peppered with mini marshmallows.  Just the perfect day.  


Now obviously we can't do that this year - BUT I am simply loving all these online Christmas Fairs taking place with makers and small businesses up and down the land.  We have so many amazingly talented small shops here in the UK and I love seeing the many different things people are making and selling.

I am thrilled that Rhubarb & Hare is taking part in the Norfolking Around Christmas Fair on 5-6 December.  It's completely free to attend and there will be 50 independent businesses showing you their wares and offering you special discounts and deals all weekend.  

The fair starts at 8am on Saturday 5th December and closes at midnight on Sunday 6th. So you can shop from the comfort of your own sofa, in your pyjamas and know that you are buying beautiful gifts for the ones you love, whilst at the same time making small makers & stores do little happy dances for your order!

All you need to do is visit to find out more or click on this link whilst the fair is running to see all the stores and their offers that weekend.  I've seen the list of participants and I've already bookmarked a few presents I am going to snap up so happy shopping all!

Happy Shopping!