Think Pink! - The Rhubarb & Hare Pink Edit

The Handmade mug from Claire Folkes Ceramics in a pink glaze

I would never describe myself as a pink person.  It is not a colour I would wear or usually look at for furnishings but actually without realising it a lot of pink has crept into Rhubarb Cottage.  From the Cabbages & Roses curtains in my sitting room, to the hot pink velvet sofa in our snug to the calming pink walls of our bedroom painted in Little Greene’s Confetti.

It comes, therefore as no surprise to me, that the latest collection from Rhubarb & Hare has a distinctly pink look - entirely unintentional but when collated altogether it is pink nevertheless.  And I love each and every single item.

So if you’re looking to bring a little pink into your life, then as Audrey Hepburn sang in Funny Face, 'Think pink! think pink! if you want that quel-que chose'


Handmade Doorstop in Rose Old Blotch by Olive & Daisy  

Handmade doorstop In Old Rose Blotch from Olive & Daisy


 I have several doorstops round our cottage - so handy for propping open a door when necessary.  We love the detail of the chocolate leather handle as well as the fabric - the gorgeous signature print of Louise’s two labs, Olive & Daisy in this lovely soft pink colour.


Handmade Luxury Roll top Washbag

 Handmade Luxury Rolltop Washbag in Olive & Daisy Raspberry Anneli Linen

We absolutely love these handmade washbags with their stylish design.  They are deceptively large, meaning you can store your standard bottles easily without the fuss of decanting into travel bottles.  Fully lined with a waterproof lining they're finished with this gorgeous tactile chocolate leather strap.  


Handmade Bud Vase 

Handmade Bud Vase in a Pink Glaze

I adore this versatile handmade bud vase.  Made with spring flowers in mind it has a slightly wider neck to accommodate flowers with thicker stems like tulips, hyacinths and paper whites.  It looks perfect with either a single stem or a little posy gathered from the garden.


Hand Folded Small Paper Lamp Shade in Soft Pink 

Oblique handmade lamp shade in soft pink

The Oblique small lamp shade is a design classic, each one individually hand folded. This is a perfect versatile hanging light which can be hung from a hook on the ceiling or from a shelf, perfect as a bedside light or night light.
Handmade Oblong Cushions in Olive & Daisy's Shooting Stars & Candy Stripe in Rose Pink


Cushions are amazing at lifting a room.  These oblong cushions made to our specifications are just divine and would look look perfect on a bed or a bedside chair.  The dual patterns in Rose Pink are two of my favourites that Olive & Daisy produce and together they make a stunning combination.

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