The Power of Flowers

A display of flowers, tulips and hyacinths on a vase on a mantelpiece

It never ceases to amaze me what a difference having flowers around the cottage make.

And it’s not just visually.  At the moment I have this glorious display of tulips and hyacinths in my sitting room and the smell every time you walk through the door is simply heavenly.  You are forced to stop and just inhale deeply for a moment - a bit of enforced mindfulness as it were.

The importance of flowers to our well being is well documented.  Their colours and scent can have positive effects on our moods and personally I am all for anything that makes me feel more relaxed and happier generally. 

Currently in the store we have two handmade vases for sale.  Both are the perfect size for either displaying a single bloom, like a branch of blossom, or a tulip, or they can hold a small garden posy.  In my home I move them around -  sometimes I like a single stem by my kitchen sink or in the bathroom but I like a posy next to be bed or on a reading table in the sitting room.  Their versatility means I don’t have to commit to a big display, which a bigger vase would require.

For me making up the vase is all part of the soothing process.  A little wander round the garden with my scissors, cutting some flowers and foliage and then arranging them in the vase, before putting them in the precise spot I want and stopping to admire them - it's all part of my relaxation process.

Constance Spry said  ' “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life"  I say, start with flowers.'   And as she is my guru in all things floral, I concur. So go ahead, start with flowers . . .