The Rhubarb & Hare Coastal Collection

Holme-next-the-Sea Beach

Last weekend Mr Rhubarb & I had a cheeky weekend break to North Norfolk without the littles or the puppy.  It felt so strange to be out and about doing what we wanted and when, without having to think about anyone else other than ourselves.  Don’t worry, we soon got used to it!

Romantic strolls along empty beaches, deep breaths filling our lungs with that gloriously salty air.  I need to have a regular sea fix or I start to get twitchy and this was absolute heaven.  Despite visiting North Norfolk for the past ten years we’d never been to the beach at Holme-Next-the_Sea and it was so beautiful.  Sand dunes, a quiet beach and that beautiful light you only find in Norfolk.

And what bliss there was in a late lunch at The Victoria Inn at Holkham which was finished with the most delicious lemon tart I’ve ever had in my entire life.  Soft, delicate pastry, the gentlest lemon filling with a crunchy topping, complete with a scoop of mascarpone on the side.  It’s the sort of pudding I will dream about on cold, winter days. 

We also had a lie in! No 5.30am wake up woofing from the dog or small people playing ‘quietly’ on the landing outside our bedroom at 6am. Heavenly! But then oh so delicious to come home to their little hugs with arms thrown tight round your neck!

Returning back to our cottage, fresh from our sea fix I decided to create a Coastal Collection for those, like me, who need a little spot of the seaside in our homes.  If you want to take a look, click here: