The Rhubarb & Hare Guide to Autumn Candles

The Rhubarb & Hare Guide to Autumn Candles

It feels like overnight Summer has given way to Autumn.  Usually September gently slides us from pavlovas to crumbles but this year it literally feels like its happened in the blink of an eye. 

My daily walks round the village are already accompanied by the smell of bonfires, the pickings in my garden are getting slimmer as there’s just a few roses left to decorate the cottage with, and it’s getting so chilly in the evenings we’ve actually discussed lighting the fire!  And it’s only the start of September. 

However, aside from all the gorgeous things that autumn brings - stews bubbling on the aga, walks through crunchy leaves and picking berries for crumbles, one thing I love about Autumn is introducing that cosy feeling back into the cottage.  My throws have been dry cleaned ready to come out so we can snuggle under them as the weather cools.  And I can’t resist filling the cottage with candles.  There is nothing like the glow of candlelight to make you feel cosy, warm and relaxed.

St Eval candles in Bedruthan Blue

I like to mix up the candles I use.  On my mantelpiece I have dinner candles in strong, rich colours to add some height and a splash of colour to the room.  These sit alongside a scented candle to ensure the room smells delicious every time we walk into the cottage, whether it’s lit or not.

The Tealight Holders from Cleoig Ceramics at Rhubarb & Hare

In my snug window ledge, alongside my usual scented Plum & Ashby candle, I’ve also been using the new tea light holders from Cleiog Ceramics to throw different lights and glows about the room.  With their French vintage design based on cheese moulds, they look so very beautiful I almost can’t wait to light them.  As soon as the littles are asleep and I come down for my evening, I light the candles and that’s it, it’s ME time.

Plum & Ashby candles

We have some gorgeous candles just perfect for this time of year.  If you would prefer a slow slide between the seasons then why not look at Wild Fig & Saffron, Ambience or Seaweed & Samphire.  Or if you just want to immerse yourself completely in the Autumn vibe there’s Orange & Clove or Pumpkin Spice.  Do take a look and I’m always happy to advise on scents if you would like some help.

Midwinter Tales from Ethel & Co

You can view the entire candle collection here.

Candle Holder