Two Easy & Simple Ways to Create a Sanctuary in Your Home

For those of you following me on instagram, you’ll be aware that our current home, Hare House is a bit of a project.  For two people who hate disruption and chaos it’s an interesting choice for me and Mr Rhubarb but nevertheless we are here and in the midst of phase 1 of decorating the sitting room.

Mr Rhubarb suggested we sort out the fireplace in time for Christmas, but like a piece of string on your best woolly jumper, we pulled and before we knew it, we had a room with no ceiling, no radiator, no fireplace and it’s been out of bounds for the past fortnight and its likely to be at least another two weeks before we can get back in it.  Even then it won’t be finished as the ceiling can’t be plastered till work upstairs is done and the wooden parquet floor can’t be treated as there’s no point doing that till the very last, so I would say we’re at least a year away from having a finished room.

I’m fully aware this is a short term pain for long term gain and with everything else going on in the world at the moment I can put up with some discomfort in my own home for a few weeks, but I do find it unsettling not to have my usual home comforts around me - my favourite paintings, photos, lamps, cushions are all packed away for safety.  I am such a home body and my home is always my sanctuary, so whilst the furniture and accessories from the sitting room have been dispersed all over the house I’ve made a conscious effort to create a sanctuary for us and interestingly I’ve found there are two very easy and simple ways that immediately make the house feel better. 

The first is flowers.  November isn’t a great month for picking from the garden but a small pot filled with a posy of berried ivy from the hedges and a couple of hydrangea heads is more than enough to make an instant change to the feel of a room.  At the weekend Mr Rhubarb came back with a beautiful bunch of lillies which I've put in the hallway and their scent as you walk in the house simply uplifts you as soon as you step through the door.  It's the first thing I notice now before the mess and that's been a nice change!

The second thing is a scented candle.  I love my candles any time of year but at the moment with our home in disarray and the darker days, a warm glowing candle is always a welcome sight.  It immediately gives the room a cosy, comforting feel.  This weekend I dotted our study with candles in lots of different holders at different heights around the room as well as lighting a scented candle to fill the room with a soothing scent.  For a time we could forget the rest of the house was a mess and covered in dust.  So quick and simple.  

If there's a room or corner of your home you want to feel cosier, more inviting, why not try it.  Light that candle, fill that vase or jam jar.  Do it.  You'll feel the better for it.

Ellen x