The Handmade Travel Mug with band from Libby Ballard Ceramics - with Midnight Blue Glaze
A hand holding the Handmade travel mug with band by Libby Ballard in her midnight glaze

Handmade Ceramic Travel Mug with Band - Midnight Blue

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Coffee never looked so pretty . . . 

These handmade travel mugs are one of my new, absolutely favourite things!

Whilst I'm not a coffee drinker, I love having a tea or hot chocolate with me when I'm out and about - Some days it's the only chance I get to have a hot drink!  But I'm not a fan of metal mugs.  They lose some of the ritual for me - that soothing ritual of wrapping my hands around something warming.

Each ceramic travel mug has been handmade by Libby in her home studio in Wiltshire.  It begins life as a ball of clay that's thrown on to the wheel and then the shape is formed by hand.  The mugs are made from a flecked Stoneware clay that Libby mixes herself using a special blend of two different clays.  Each handmade ceramic travel mug is glazed on the inside with a shiny white, then dipped in a different glaze for the outside, and it's the overlapping of these glazes, mixed by Libby from a selection of ingredients, that gives these mugs their own unique blend in colour.  This mug has Libby's Midnight Blue colour - the perfect option for those who dream about big sea skies at night as they slowly fill with stars.

Every single ceramic travel mug takes between 2-3 weeks to make from start to finish.   And they come with a grey silicon band and matching silicon lid.

Other colours are available.  To find out more and view the full Libby Ballard Ceramics collection click HERE


  • 300ml / 10oz
  • Height 10cm x Rim 8.5cm
  • Sizes and colours may vary slightly from image due to the handmade process
  • Microwave and dishwasher proof