A handmade Barton Croft bowl full of olives and manchego in their distinct and unique Rhubarb glaze
A beautiful hand made bowl from Barton Croft in their distinct and unique pink Rhubarb glaze
The bottom of a handmade Barton Croft bowl showing their beautiful branding

Barton Croft Handmade Bowl in Rhubarb

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Exclusively made for Rhubarb & Hare, this handmade versatile bowl is one of my favourite items from the Barton Croft collection that we stock. 

I have this bowl and I use it for so many different things - parmesan nibbles at gin o'clock, chocolates at Christmas, biscuits for afternoon tea and condiments at a summer BBQ.  Whenever I have used it, without fail, I always receive a compliment on it, or someone picks it up and asks where it is from.

I can talk for hours about how tactile Barton Croft pottery is and these bowls are no exception.  Handmade on their pottery wheel, I just adore each curve and line where you can see how they have been brought to life.

Also available in other colours - you can see the full collection here

  • Approximately 7 cm high and 10cm high
  • Handcrafted from Barton Croft's special porcelain stoneware blended clay
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Smooth natural clay base
  • Finished in their secret handmade-from-scratch glaze

Please note that every Barton Croft piece is entirely individual - made and glazed completely by hand you should expect to embrace its one-of-a-kind organic character.