Plum & Ashby's brand new wash and lotion collection presents the Vetiver & Lavender hand and body lotion. The fragrance comprises sweet floral notes of calming lavender and exotic jasmine, mixed perfectly with zingy citrus and tones of woody vetiver to create the perfect, relaxing fragrance

Plum & Ashby Vetiver & Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

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Introducing the new hand and body lotion from Plum & Ashby.  A compulsory addition to the kitchen sink alongside the hand & body wash, this lotion leaves your skin feeling beautifully clean, nourished and moisturised.

Capturing the aromas of soothing lavender, sweet jasmine and earthy vetiver this lotion is packed with lots of natural ingredients and the finest fragrances to ensure your skin remains hydrated for hours.

Use with Plum & Ashby's Vetiver & Lavender hand wash to ensure your skin is not only nourished but silky smooth.