The Wax Atelier Pair of Stubby Candles - The Sage Collection

Wax Atelier Stubby Candles Pair - The Sage Collection

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I'm absolutely, utterly in love with these stubby candles. I think they're just perfect for cosy suppers on dark winter's nights.  

Handmade in small batches by the Wax Atelier studio in London they hand-dip these stubby candles over 35 times to achieve this beautiful rotund shape.  They are made from a blend of beeswax and green tea, a plant-based wax so when they're lit, they release a super gentle aroma of matcha tea and honey.  

Wax Atelier are passionate about sustainability and environmentally low-impact processes.  All their materials are sourced locally and they use natural materials like beeswax, plant wax with natural dyes for colour. Because of this, each small batch, made-by-hand, can vary slightly in colour and size. 

It is this passion and attention to detail which makes these candles so special and unique.

Also available in a Dining set (Pair) and Twisted (single) forms.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Materials: 100% pure beeswax, green tea wax, wax dyes, cotton wick
  • 12 cm x 4cm
  • 8 - 10 hours burn time (per candle)


  • Do not burn in direct sunlight or near any source of heat
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Burn out of reach of children and pets
  • Trim the wick between burns to 10mm
  • Remove any debris that may collect in the wax pool around the wick once it is safe to do so
  • Do not allow the candle to burn all the way down, and extinguish before it burns into the holder
  • Wax Atelier candles are all handmade in house with great care and attention. Each batch is unique and therefore colour and size can vary slightly.


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